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Aurora Control

Your customisation solution for transactions and gas fee management
Included Monthly Free Transactions
Additional Transaction Costs above limit
User Subscription Tiers / Gas Plans

Dedicated Chain

Tailor-made EVM compatible chain for your business
Your Own Custom Chain
Custom Gas Fees Mechanics
Custom Gas Token
Free Additional Chains

Aurora Shield

Your customisation solution for transactions and gas fee management
For your users
Dead Address Prevention
User Alert Notifications
For your business
Transaction Risk Scoring
Transaction Blocking & Wallet Freezing


Block Explorer
KYC Integration
Hyper Drive
KYB Integration
Hyper Drive Embedded Widget
Onramp Widget
Oracle Deployment & Integration


Cloud Console
Dedicated Activity Reports
Custom Reporting
Aurora Shield Reporting


Online Support
Dedicated Integration Manager
Custom Development Support
On demand
Sponsored Community Marketing
Credit Line for Transactions

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Aurora Cloud is the single platform for all your blockchain needs. From dedicated Aurora Chains to gas-less transactions, there’s a solution tailored to your business!

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Configure my chain

When our customers win, we win too.

“As a renewable energy firm venturing into blockchain, we needed a reliable partner. Aurora Labs with their Aurora Cloud product not only provided the infrastructure but also the expertise that accelerated our tokenization project.”

Florin Danilov,
CTO of PowerGold
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