Real Estate Tokenization

Revolutionize the real estate market.

Fuel your Real Estate Tokenization ambitions with permissionned blockchain, KYC integration and shared liquidity.

Reaching your goals

Why tokenization?

Real Estate tokenization is the process of fragmenting an asset into digital tokens that represent the underlying property. It carries significant advantages over today’s traditional real estate.


Lower barrier to entry thanks to the fractionalisation of assets.


Tokenised properties can be bought or sold like stocks, facilitating quicker transactions.


Investors are able to purchase fractional shares in multiple properties, allowing for a more diversified real estate portfolio.

Transparency & security

Leveraging blockchain technology ensures secure, transparent, and immutable transactions, reducing the risk of fraud and errors.


The best time to start is now.

Real Estate tokenization represents a huge opportunity for businesses, with estimation from leading consultancy firms in the trillion dollars by 2030.

Current real estate
market size
$3.69 trillion
Deloitte projection
$1 trillion
Meticulous Research®
$13 billion
market size
$200 million
How can we help

Aurora Cloud – your
tokenization companion.

Aurora Cloud lets you focus on your business by covering all your blockchain infrastructure needs.

  • Customised chains

    Get one or more customised chains to fit your business model. Launch your own token and collect fees.

  • Compliance

    Opt for permissionned chains with KYC/KYB to ensure compliance in your jurisdictions.

  • Global liquidity

    All your chains are connected with the rest of the ecosystem, enabling a natural flow of funds between them.

Aurora Cloud

One platform
to monitor it all.

No complex jargon or technical abilities required, log into your business space to monitor your infrastructure activity and configure your setup.


    KYC/KYB solution

    Set up the KYC/KYB integration if your business has regulatory requirements.

    • Simple onboarding
    • No technical work required

    Plug-and-play integrations

    Access a range of additional integrations. From onramp and AMMs, to Explorer and oracles, you’ll find all the tools and services available to speed up your development.

    • Universal on-ramp to all your Aurora Chains
    • Dedicated block explorer

    Users management

    Manage your users by creating segments. Choose who can interact with your chain, who can deploy contracts and who benefits from free transactions.

    • Manage your segments via API
    • Increase security with blocked lists

Limitless features.

  • Regulatory Compliance

    Aurora Cloud is a KYC/KYB gated and FATF/ESMA/SEC/FDA compliant solution with a segregation per jurisdiction.

  • Crypto Liquidity

    Aurora Cloud allows your business to gain an instant access to the ever growing volumes of crypto market liquidity.

  • Gas-free transactions

    Remove friction for your users by removing their transaction fees. Create different plans for different profiles, and make it part of your strategy

  • User-Friendly

    Aurora Cloud simplifies Blockchain integration for your business with a seamless web2 experience.

  • Custom Tokens & Fees

    Monetise on-chain transactions using any existing Stablecoin, or simply launch your own token for maximum brand exposure.

  • Industry leading performance

    Get 1s finality and infinite scalability with Aurora Chains.


Launch your tokenization project today.

Join the Aurora ecosystem and make your real estate tokenization initiative a reality.

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