Unlocking Renewable Energy Investment with Aurora Cloud

PowerGold, an Enpower affiliate, transforms renewable energy investment through tokenization. Overcoming challenges in token classification, PowerGold leveraged Aurora Cloud’s dedicated chains to create a compliant environment and is set to acquire its first energy facilities in Q1 2024, marking a significant leap towards its mission to boost the renewable energy sector.

PowerGold: Transparent Renewable Energy Investment Through Tokenization

PowerGold is an affiliate of Enpower based in Romania, dedicated to making renewable energy investment accessible and transparent through tokenization. Specializing in the production and sale of renewable energy, PowerGold acquires facilities across Europe, including photovoltaic parks and wind turbines, with plans for future expansion into hydropower plants and storage solutions. To this end, PowerGold launched the ENP token, to both achieve transparency and cultivate a mutually beneficial relationship with its investors. ENP will be sold to raise funds used to acquire energy facilities, and the profits will in turn be redistributed to the token through a buy back and burn mechanism.

The PowerGold Challenge

As PowerGold’s mission is to make renewable energy investment accessible and transparent, it had to find a solution that would help it navigate the complexities of compliant token sale. With a commitment to ethical practices and transparency, the traditional avenues of public blockchains proved unsuitable due to the stringent regulatory demands, particularly concerning investor identity verification.

Aurora Cloud’s Solution

To address this challenge, PowerGold opted for a customized Aurora Chain, designed to align with the company’s vision for transparency and accessibility in renewable energy investments. Aurora Cloud, as a technology partner, played a crucial role in developing the required web application and smart contracts essential for PowerGold’s unique initiative. The resulting PowerGold chain, operating as a permissioned chain gated by KYC, ensures compliance by mandating that each investor undergoes thorough identity verification before gaining access.

PowerGold chain was completed by the deployment of an Automated Market Maker (AMM), forked from the proven Uniswap V3 contract. This not only facilitates the seamless buying and selling of ENP tokens but also provides a robust and sustainable trading solution within the compliant framework.

As a renewable energy firm venturing into blockchain, we needed a reliable partner. Aurora Labs with their Aurora Cloud product not only provided the infrastructure but also the expertise that accelerated our tokenization project.

Florin Danilov. CTO of PowerGold

PowerGold Today

With Aurora Cloud’s tailored support, PowerGold is now enjoying a breath of transformative growth. Private investors are enthusiastically joining the initiative, setting the stage for the realization of PowerGold’s plans to acquire energy facilities in Q1 2024 and commence revenue generation in Q2 2024.

Looking at the Future

As PowerGold revolutionizes access to renewable energy investment, the journey with Aurora Cloud is far from over. The company is already exploring avenues for extending its offerings, including the launch of a green energy marketplace and derivatives, reinforcing its commitment to shaping the future of sustainable energy investment with Aurora Cloud as a strategic ally.

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