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the Real World.

Aurora Cloud is your one-stop solution for your blockchain infrastructure needs. Go from idea to success in no time, and elevate your business with the power of web3!

Use cases

Reaching your goals

Your business
has unique needs.

  • Security

    Protect your users from fraud and unwanted behaviour

    Prevent asset loss when using wrong addresses

  • Operations

    Discover infinite scaling with Aurora Chains

    Remove intermediaries to minimise risks

    Optimise processes

  • Compliance

    Get ahead of regulations and ensure that you only allow users and transactions your jurisdiction allows

    Respect AML and CTF rules and set yourself up for success

  • Cost reduction

    Using blockchain technology shouldn’t come at the expense of financial stability

    Your users are connected, so should be your chain

How we can help

tailored for you.

  • Customisation

    Aurora Cloud lets you create your own blockchain. Select your base token and your transaction fee mechanics for a truly customised experience.

  • Permissioned environment

    Choose who can access your chain and what interactions they can do. Enable our KYC integration to ensure full compliance with your local regulations.

  • Instant scaling

    Aurora Cloud doesn't require additional validators to run, which means you can create new chains on demand and without limits. Whether you need scalability or a multitude of customised environment, Aurora Cloud gets you covered.

Aurora Cloud

One platform for all
your blockchain needs

Aurora Cloud lets you focus on your business by providing you with a simple interface to monitor and manage all your blockchain infrastructure.

    Aurora Chains

    Dedicated blockchains

    Create customised blockchains tailored to your business needs.

    • Select your base token
    • Define you gas mechanics
    • Opt for a permissioned blockchain
    Aurora Control

    Gas fee management

    Improve your end users experience by covering their gas fees. Create plans for different users and truly make it part of your engagement strategy.

    • Support any type of business logic through our predefined templates
    • Track your analytics in real time

    Users management

    Manage your users by creating segments. Choose who can interact with your chain, who can deploy contracts and who benefits from free transactions.

    • Manage your segments via API
    • Increase security with blocked lists

    Services marketplace

    Aurora Cloud provides you with ready-made integrations to cover your needs and speed up your time to market.

    • KYC integrations for permissioned blockchain
    • Universal on-ramp to all your Aurora Chains
    • Dedicated block explorer

When our customers win, we win too.

“As a renewable energy firm venturing into blockchain, we needed a reliable partner. Aurora Labs with their Aurora Cloud product not only provided the infrastructure but also the expertise that accelerated our tokenization project.”

Florin Danilov,
CTO of PowerGold
See case study

Limitless features.

  • Team management

    Invite your team members for effective collaboration.

  • Analytics

    Track your on chain activity in real time. From transactions numbers to unique wallets.

  • User management

    Explore all wallets interacting with your application. Create lists and organise them.

  • Gas fee management

    Get full control on transactions fees, from fixed to percentage based, or remove them altogether.

  • KYC integration

    Configure who should have access to your environment.

  • On/off-ramp

    Plug and play integration to provide an on and off ramp to your users.

  • Block Explorer

    Get a dedicated explorer for your chain.

  • User-friendly

    Your users deserve the best experience, free of blockchain jargon and complexity.

See Aurora Chains in action

What better way to learn about the unique features of Aurora Chains than interacting with one directly? Aurora Innovation is a demonstration chain where you can experience access control, custom token & fee mechanics, Ethereum compatibility and more!

Check it out
Mobile wallet

Your gateway
to Aurora Cloud.

Empower your customers with Aurora Pass, a mobile wallet dedicated to the Aurora ecosystem.

Aurora Pass

Free gateway to Aurora Cloud for everyone

  • Simple onboarding
  • 50 free transactions per month
  • Compatible with any Aurora Chain

Aurora Pass Pro

White-label solution for seamless experience

  • Get your own mobile wallet
  • Branded to your business
  • Connect with your customers


Aurora is the next-generation Ethereum compatible blockchain and ecosystem that runs on the NEAR Protocol, combining compatibility with the ecosystem and ultimate performance.

  • Enterprise level speed

    1k+ / sectransactions per chain

  • Leading finality

    2sSub-2 second finality

  • Eco-friendly

    0%carbon neutral blockchain

  • Compatibility

    ETHas the base token

Join 260+ projects

The ever growing Aurora ecosystem attracts solutions from all horizons: DeFi, NFT, AMMs, marketplaces, games, and more... Leverage network effect by launching on Aurora!

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