Blockchain for the real world.

Go from idea to success with Aurora Cloud, the turnkey solution for adopting blockchain in your business.

Turnkey blockchain solution

From industry-first innovations, to white-glove service and consulting, Aurora Cloud offers a one-stop solution for adding blockchain to your business.

Seamless user experience

Tomorrow’s Web3 users will demand the friction-free user experience they’ve come to know and love in Web2, and this is delivered by Aurora Cloud.


Full Ethereum-compatibility while leveraging the fast, low-cost, infinite scalability of the NEAR Protocol, Aurora Cloud is the future-safe choice.


Over 200 applications are already benefiting from the Aurora network, with more joining every day!

Build the future.

From a Dutch real estate firm tokenizing real-world assets, to a California winemaker selling NFTs instead of bottles, companies around the world are discovering incredible ways to add value to their businesses by adopting blockchain technologies.

User generated content

Create an economy and incentivize creativity.

Loyalty programs

Improve transparency and retain more customers.

Game assets

Introduce interoperability and attract new users.

Permissioned DeFi

Restrict access to a regulation-compliant ecosystem, available only to those who’ve passed KYC.

Supply chain management

Streamline operations, improve efficiency and unlock transparency.

NFT projects

Ethereum-grade security, zero gas fees and user-friendly APIs allow you to quickly and easily build your next NFT project.

Your unique business!

Whatever your use case, partner with us to make it a reality.

A fully integrated suite of blockchain products.

Aurora Silos

Many applications are best deployed on public, permissionless blockchains, like Aurora or Ethereum. Some—such as a KYC-restricted ecosystem of composable DeFi applications—are better suited to independent, private environments. Aurora Cloud offers the ideal product for such use cases—Aurora Silos.

Aurora Silos are dedicated blockchains created for Aurora customers that go beyond mere Ethereum compatibility through a set of industry-first innovations like custom token & fee mechanics, access control, tremendous transaction throughput, and more!

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Aurora Pass

Wallet integration is one of the biggest challenges facing Web2 companies who adopt blockchain technology in their mobile applications. The Aurora Cloud customers delegate that functionality to Aurora Pass, a mobile crypto wallet capable of interacting with any Web2 application that has integrated with the public Aurora network, or an Aurora Silo.

With Aurora Pass, Web2 end users control all their digital assets in a single location, allowing the development of a network effect that benefits all Web2 businesses building on Aurora!

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Borealis Business

Perhaps the biggest user experience hurdle for new blockchain users is the concept of transaction fees—understanding that transactions have a cost, that the cost is related to complexity, and finally, that payment is made in a network-specific token they must hold.

Borealis Business, another industry first, is a transaction processing and accounting engine which allows Aurora Cloud customers to completely hide these complexities from their end users’ experience, while implementing nearly any conceivable economic business model!

Industry-wide interoperability using Rainbow Bridge

Rainbow Bridge, having transferred more than $2.5 billion of value, is one of the most respected trustless bridges in crypto, and ensures that assets can be moved efficiently and with confidence between all Aurora ecosystem parts, and extending to the broader crypto networks like Ethereum and NEAR.

Supporting the NEAR Blockchain OS initiative for true decentralization

Blockchain applications today consist of a decentralized back-end, i.e. the blockchain, along with a centralized front-end, i.e. the website. As we’ve seen, centralized websites are a weak link to a censorship-resistant future. Aurora supports the NEAR Blockchain OS initiative that will enable fully decentralized front-ends, paving the way for unstoppable applications!

Aurora+ is the gateway into the Aurora ecosystem.

When your business chooses Aurora Cloud, you become part of the broader Aurora community. Through the Aurora+ dApp other participants of our vibrant ecosystem can discover your business, and your own users will reinforce their understanding of Web3 through interactive features such as AURORA staking, token swapping, and more— resulting in ever-growing value capture through the powerful forces of network effect!

Want to see Aurora Silos in action?

What better way to learn about the unique features of Aurora Silos, than interacting with one directly? Aurora Innovation is a demonstration silo where you can experience access control, custom token & fee mechanics, Ethereum compatibility and more!

We mean business.

Aurora Labs, creators of the Aurora network and Aurora Cloud suite of products, is the perfect partner to help you capture the value of Web3.


The Aurora blockchain provides full compatibility with Ethereum smart contracts, and interoperability with the rest of the blockchain ecosystem.


The Aurora Cloud suite of products are designed from the ground-up to facilitate the best, and fastest, path to market for the Web2 company looking to capture the value of Web3.

World-class UI/UX

Confused users aren’t happy users. As a customer of Aurora Cloud, your end users will enjoy all the benefits of Web3, while avoiding typical blockchain friction and complexities.

Future-safe technology

Built on the NEAR Protocol, Aurora and the Aurora Cloud products leverage the fast, low-cost and best scalability technology in the crypto industry. We’re ready to onboard one billion users!

Tomorrow’s features, today.

While the rest of the industry plans, we execute. Meta-transactions, biometric signing, and dedicated blockchains—tomorrow’s innovations, developed today, at Aurora.


Through the magic of NEAR meta-transactions, Aurora allows your customers to participate in your blockchain strategy with zero transaction costs to them.

Biometric signing

With the Aurora Pass mobile app, your customers can engage with your blockchain strategy using the familiar Web2 authorization technologies like Face ID and Touch ID, avoiding the friction of today’s Web3 wallets.

Dedicated blockchain

For those that need it, today or as they grow in the future, Aurora Labs is one of the only companies that can offer businesses their very own blockchain, through Aurora Silos.

The Aurora Blockchain
Made by developers, for developers.

At the heart of Aurora Cloud, is the Aurora EVM Ethereum-compatible blockchain, running as a smart-contract on the NEAR Protocol. This incredible innovation was born of the NEAR Protocol and its star-studded team of developers coming from organizations like Google, and created to allow app developers to leverage everything that’s great about Ethereum, within the next-generation environment of NEAR.


From its core SputnikVM, to full tool-chain support, to gasless meta transactions, Aurora is the most advanced EVM on the market.

High throughput and scalability

Aurora runs on the NEAR Protocol, one of the highest performance third-generation L1 protocols.

Trustless Bridging

The Aurora Bridge, as a part of the NEAR Rainbow Bridge, is the only fully trustless asset bridge in the Ethereum industry.

Base currency is ETH

Transaction fees in Aurora are paid in the base currency, ETH, providing a great UX for users, and opening the door to interesting ecosystem sustainability possibilities.

Want to see Aurora Silos in action?

Check out Aurora Innovation, our interactive demo where you can try out the features of Aurora Silos.

Tap into our thriving ecosystem.

Take advantage of the hundreds of projects that have already launched on Aurora to jumpstart your integration.

Get started today

What will you build?

Contact the Aurora Labs Business Development team today, and get ready to transform your business with the power of the blockchain.


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