Web3 Gaming

The future of gaming is here.

Unleash your web3 gaming ambitions with infinitely scaling blockchain, gas-free environment and industry-leading transaction speed.

Reaching your goals

Unlock your game’s potential.

Blockchain represents a revolutionary opportunity for gaming studios. The technology offer numerous benefits impacting how they develop, manage, and monetize games.

Revenue Generation

Direct sales of tokenized assets.Transaction fees and royalties from secondary asset markets.

Player Engagement

True ownership of in-game assets increases player investment.Tokenization offers unique and personalized experiences.

Game Development

Blockchain enables innovative gameplay and mechanics.Potential for cross-game interoperability and collaborations.Community-driven development and content creation.

Market Reach

Global reach through borderless blockchain transactions.Opportunities for new markets in the crypto space.

How can we help

Aurora Cloud – your ultimate
web3 gaming partner.

Aurora Cloud provides you with a hassle-free web3 gaming infrastructure. From dedicated chains, to on-ramp and gas-free transactions, you get all the tools to support your innovative gaming experience.

  • Optimized for your business

    Get a tailor-made blockchain with your parameters. Launch your own token and collect transaction fees with your own rules. Your chain, your business model.

  • Built for performance

    Having your own chain means the traffic is only yours, and you are in control of its performance. Our unique technology also enables you to seamlessly run several chains in parallel, for an infinite scaling experience, supporting hundreds of millions of users!

  • User experience focused

    With 1s finality, gas-free transactions, native wallet and much more, Aurora Cloud provides the best experience for gamers. With our universal on-ramp solution, your users get a payment solution everywhere in your ecosystem.

Aurora Cloud

One command
and control center.

Monitor and manage all your blockchain infrastructure from one single interface.


    Dedicated blockchains

    Create customised blockchains tailored to your business needs.

    • Select your base token
    • Define you gas mechanics
    • Opt for a permissionned blockchain

    Users management

    Manage your users by creating segments. Choose who can interact with your chain, who can deploy contracts and who benefits from free transactions.

    • Manage your segments via API
    • Increase security with blocked lists

    Plug-and-play integrations

    Access a range of additional integrations. From onramp and AMMs, to Explorer and oracles, you’ll find all the tools and services available to speed up your development.

    • Universal on-ramp to all your Aurora Chains
    • Dedicated block explorer

We deliver value to your business.

“Aurora Cloud has been pivotal in transforming the way we onboard web2 users into the web3 world. Its intuitive and user-friendly interface significantly simplifies the transition for our gamers, bridging the gap between traditional and blockchain gaming. This ease of onboarding is not just a convenience; it’s a game-changer, making web3 accessible to a broader audience and enhancing their gaming experience.”

Jonathan Teplitsky, CEO of Pipeflare

Limitless features.

  • Regulatory Compliance

    Aurora Cloud is a KYC/KYB gated and FATF/ESMA/SEC/FDA compliant solution with a segregation per jurisdiction.

  • Crypto Liquidity

    Aurora Cloud allows your business to gain an instant access to the ever growing volumes of crypto market liquidity.

  • Gas-free transactions

    Remove friction for your users by removing their transaction fees. Create different plans for different profiles, and make it part of your strategy

  • User-Friendly

    Aurora Cloud simplifies Blockchain integration for your business with a seamless web2 experience.

  • Custom Tokens & Fees

    Monetise on-chain transactions using any existing Stablecoin, or simply launch your own token for maximum brand exposure.

  • Industry leading performance

    Get 1s finality and infinite scalability with Aurora Chains.

Supercharge your web3 games now.

Join gaming leaders already leveraging blockchain technology and level your business with Aurora Cloud.

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