Elevating Games with Web3: PipeFlare’s Journey

PipeFlare, a leading web3 gaming platform with 17+ blockchain games, pioneers innovation by seamlessly integrating blockchain for user-friendly gaming. The strategic collaboration with Aurora Cloud enabled PipeFlare to unlock web3 gaming accessibility and elevate the overall user experience.

PipeFlare: A Hub for Innovative Gaming

PipeFlare is a gaming platform offering 17+ blockchain-based games where both new and seasoned players can compete and earn rewards. PipeFlare provides a familiar gaming experience while introducing several new innovations that go beyond the traditional experience. PipeFlare allows users to collect, buy, sell, and trade unique digital assets, including in-game items and digital art. Besides, with the added benefit of 9+ exclusive monthly airdrops, PipeFlare provides users with opportunities to stay connected and informed about the latest developments in the crypto world.

The PipeFlare Challenge

To expand its reach to a wider audience, PipeFlare needed a solution that would make onboarding new users, especially those with no prior experience or knowledge of blockchain, as seamless as any other traditional gaming experience. This meant, removing the burden of gas fees from their users.

Aurora Cloud’s Solution

PipeFlare is using the gas management feature of Aurora Cloud to cover its users’ gas fees. The setup only required the list of contracts used on Aurora mainnet and the logic by which free transactions are allocated. Wallet addresses who interact with these contracts hence get 150 free transactions per month, reset every month on the day they started using PipeFlare.

By leveraging Aurora Cloud, PipeFlare then delivers a fully immersive and rewarding gaming experience to its users. And numbers reflect this improvement. Since the launch on Aurora, the volume of transactions increased 20x to now reach 50k transactions per day.

Through this partnership, PipeFlare has not only elevated its user engagement and satisfaction but has also driven substantial transaction volume, ushering hundreds of thousands of new users to their platform.

Aurora Cloud has been pivotal in transforming the way we onboard web2 users into the web3 world. Its intuitive and user-friendly interface significantly simplifies the transition for our gamers, bridging the gap between traditional and blockchain gaming. This ease of onboarding is not just a convenience; it’s a game-changer, making web3 accessible to a broader audience and enhancing their gaming experience.

Jonathan Teplitsky, CEO of PipeFlare

Looking at the Future

PipeFlare is gearing up for growth in the web3 gaming realm through ongoing innovation and game portfolio expansion. As it extends its platform to independent game developers, Aurora Cloud will keep playing a central role . This collaboration goes beyond simply enhancing the gaming experience for players; it’s a concerted effort to uplift the overall experience for both game developers and their dedicated fanbase.

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